Two hundred years ago influential landscape artist Samuel Palmer described the Darent Valley as an ‘earthly paradise’. Today he would still recognise the special qualities conveyed through his visionary paintings. It remains a landscape of surprising beauty, rich in diverse habitats and with an impressive cultural heritage.
Dartford Orienteering Klubb is one of  many partners working with the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on this Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme.
This site is designed to keep Klubb members abreast of the progress of Exercise ‘School Run’, the title covering our contribution  towards the overall Scheme.
As ‘School Run’ progresses there will be a need to co-opt other members to assist in fulfilling our commitment.
This commitment can be viewed on the page holding the relevant documents.



Jan - April 2019
Mapping of schools continued
Maps completed of West Hill Primary, Oakfiled Primary.
Maps to be completed by end of May are Dunton Green, Sundridge and Brasted and Temple Hill
Project Lead handed over to Andrew Evans as the present leaders are moving away from the area but will help at a distance.

July - Dec 2018
Mapping Officer commenced OCAD Course as part of Activity Evenings
Churchill School and Shoreham School maps completed and POCs in preparation
5 more school shown an interest and 2 of these(West Hill Primary and Oakfield Lane) will be completed in time for Spring Term
The remaining 3 (St Paul’s Swanley, Dunton Green and Sundridge) will be completed during the Spring Term.

May  -  June 2018
First event held at Darenth Country Park (NWK Series)
Mapping of Churchill School and Shoreham School commenced ready for winter term.
Enchanted Woodland, recce completed.
Mapping officer completed 4 day survey course in preparation for OCAD course.
(Benefit to DFOK - increased mapping resource)

March - April 2018
North West Kent Series event in Darenth Country Park.
Churchill C/E Primary School agree to have school mapped with POC
Enchanted Woodland in Dartford to be mapped for use of Temple Hill Primary School
Extra OCAD copies purchased ready for Mapping Officer to run surveying and OCAD course

Nov 2017 - Feb 2018
Shoreham Primary School now shown an interest. 18 Jan
More work with Horton Kirby Primary School during January to include SI School Training Kit.

Completing new map of Darenth Country Park for use by schools. Future discussions re POC and NWK Series Event 2018
(Benefit to DFOK - map able to be used for a NWK Series Event subject to discussions with Dartford Council)

Sept 2017 - Oct 2017
Completed Valance School map and developing strategy for use of map with Virtual Trail-O courses, Catching Features and possible indoor map.
(Benefit to DFOK - this opened up discussions with Westerham Golf Course re their woods to be mapped for future event)

Apr 2017 - Aug 2017
Continue preparation for when funding approved.

Completed Horton Kirby C/E Primary.
Started survey of Valance School, Westerham.
Started survey of Darenth Country Park for ? new POC and local school use. Hope to hold a NWK Event here in 2018.

Dec 2016 - Mar 2017: Some preparation to commence ‘School Run’ in April. Made contact with one school, Horton Kirby C/E Primary, to become the ‘model’ school for the valley. Agreed with Head that they will have a school map, POC, and after school club ready for the summer term. It is expected that other schools in the valley will visit Horton Kirby to see how orienteering has been embedded in to the school.  Training courses will be held at this school.

July 2016: Finalise Klubb working document with outcomes, resources and budget.

2015 - early 2016: Working with Rick Bayne at AONB to prepare our part of the overall document for submission to the National Lottery for funding which was successful.

The approach is to establish one school as a ‘model’ for all the other schools. This school will be Horton Kirby C/E Primary School .
Establishing orienteering in the schools will run parallel with providing a learning resource on the development and topography of the valley.
New rural POC’s will be established along with heritage POC’s in local villages. Linking our work to local heritage is a key feature of our role.

Project Leader
Andrew Evans



Refers to relevant outcomes in ‘School Run’ Document