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That 'small' place on our website with 'big' ideas for your 'O' development.

The Niche continues to develop with additions each month. Links to presentations on the klubb evenings are available for those who could not attend.

A number of experienced klubb members have been approached to make contributions. However, all members are asked to give feedback, suggest areas for development and contributions are welcome.

We are pleased to see more juniors joining the klubb and to that end I would like to get them interested in the computer training game called ‘Catching Features’. http://www.catchingfeatures.com/
This is a serious learning resource for learning about orienteering. Download a demo which comes with some courses ready to try. If you like it then you need the full copy and Phil Basford can supply many events run on our own maps. The courses are of varying difficulty and some to emphasise specific ‘O’ skills such as ‘hand railing’. I have free copies of the software for juniors.


Article from Andrew Pitcher.
Thank you to Andrew for this article which makes some interesting points about youngsters learning to orienteer. Click on heading to open pdf.


KLUBB Activities Evenings 2016/2017

The Klubb Activities Evenings
move back indoors after a successful outdoor season. We meet at The Woodlands Farm Trust on the last Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm to 9pm, dates are shown below.

Weds Sept 28
Weds Oct 26
Weds Nov 30
Weds Jan 25
Weds Feb 22
Weds Mar 29
Weds Apr 26

Full details of each will appear on the main DFOK website. The final details for each evening has yet to be finalised so if you have any suggestions then please let the chair know.

NEW - A collection of routes by selected legs from Route Gadget for you to see how local and National top orienteers do it! Goto Course Reviews.

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