Results Beacon Wood Informal:

Thank you to everyone who came. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to Andrew Evans for planning the courses, John Lewis for helping with registration and coaching newcomers, Phil Basford for printing maps and those that collected in controls.

Next Saturday is the final Kent Orienteering League event at Somerhill near Tonbridge. See The next DFOK events are on Sunday 6th July at Addington Hills, Croydon, and Saturday 19th July at Happy Valley, Croydon (60 minute score event and yellow course for beginners). All events have courses suitable for all abilities. The Happy Valley event also has training before the score course for SAXONS and DFOK members.

Sean Cronin.

Score event (20 minute time limit, 12 controls)

1.Ian DitchfieldMV12 Controls19.02
2.Jerry PurkisSAX11 Controls19.38
3.Alan HicklingSAX11 Controls19.40
4.Dave CollierDFOK10 Controls19.34
5.Philip CravenDFOK9 Controls18.58
6.Eric HeritageLEI9 Controls19.44
7.Craig ManleyDFOK10 Controls20.27(-1 control penalty)
8.Peter MartinSAX10 Controls21.19(-2 controls penalty)
9.Dave Cave-AylandDFOK7 Controls19.50
10.Louise SylvaDFOK6 Controls17.29
11.Chris BakerDFOK7 Controls20.05(-1 control penalty)
12.Geoff GoodwinDFOK5 Controls19.28

Score event (no time limit)

Peter Bell + 2   46.46

Sprint event (1.6Km)

1.Alan HicklingSAX12.35
2.Peter MartinSAX12.53
3.Ian DitchfieldMV14.11
4.Eric HeritageLEI16.43
5.Philip CravenDFOK16.53
6.Dave CollierDFOK17.34
7.Jerry PurkisSAX18.06
8.Craig ManleyDFOK19.34
9.Dave Cave-AylandDFOK20.31
10.Geoff GoodwinDFOK20.56
11.Louise SylvaDFOK21.00
12.David DawsonDFOK21.03
13.Chris BakerDFOK24.32

Handicap positions

1.Peter Martin
2.Geoff Goodwin
3.Louise Sylva
4.Dave Cave-Ayland
5.Chris Baker
6.Alan Hickling
7.Eric Heritage
8.Philip Craven
9.Craig Manley
10.Dave Collier
11.Ian Ditchfield
12.Jerry Purkis
13.David Dawson

Yellow Course

Woops, sorry, we forgot to write down your times when you downloaded. Please email to get your times inserted into the results. These people finished the course

1.Helen Coyne and family
2.Helen Laughton
3.Sam Thompson and Hazel Crabb