Priorities Action
Attract more family/junior members

Saturday local events. Family friendly events. Build on the contacts made through the Bexley series

Maintain/Improve School links Develop links with at least one school (Clubmark requirement) by seeking partnership agreements.
Achieve Clubmark Review outstanding actions. Sign off on all documents.
Increase coaching opportunities Encourage members to attend coaching courses and qualify.
Offer regular basic coaching at Saturday/Sunday events.
Club Training Days
Attracting/ training Volunteers Encourage members to volunteer to be organisers and planners
Encourage attendance at training workshops and courses
Adequacy of our Controller volunteers?
Publicity Coordination role needed
Banners, Leaflets, Website.
Events Increase variety of events.Evaluate impact of new event structure.
Improve map availability.
Mapping Westerham updates.
Website Continue to enhance impact.
Finance Balancing income with expenditure.