Klubb Activity Evenings

Winter Activity Evenings 2018/19

Come and join us and develop your orienteering skills

Our Winter Series Activity Evenings are open to all, including those not members of DFOK.

They are held on the last Wednesday of every month from September to March (excluding December) at Woodlands Farm Trust, 331 Shooters Hill, Welling DA16 3RP.

All evenings start at 7:30pm and finish at 9pm.

There will be two topics on each evening, the first being some form of development of your orienteering techniques such as exercises on route choice, viewing and analysing the routes taken by club members and others at recent events, and more. This will usually be the first 45 minutes.

We also need to widen the number of club members interested and willing to fulfil the various tasks that need to be undertaken to put on an event, be it organising, planning, mapping, computers etc. We will take a specific topic each evening and an expert will share their knowledge of how they approach the task with the aim of making others feel more confident in dealing with these aspects … and to know our limitations too when extra help will be needed.

The activity evenings are also a chance to get to know club members better in a more relaxed atmosphere than when we are engrossed in putting on events!

The series is as follows:

26 Sep   Route choice exercise on controls placement (Andrew Evans)
             Use of OCAD mapping software - beyond the mapping training (Neil Speers)

31 Oct   Analysing where we went at the club championships 2018
            Routegadget How to load your routes into routegadget and compare where
            you went with others, either by drawing or uploading a GPS trace (Philip Craven)

28 Nov  Route choice
            OCAD mapping software part 2 (Neil Speers)

30 Jan   Route analysis from the DFOK event at Chelwood
            SI timing/autodownload (Philip Craven)

27 Feb  Orienteering techniques
            SI kit (Dave Cave-Ayland) How to synchronise controls, SI card storage
            limits and more

27 Mar  Route choice - analysis from an overseas event
           Using the kit we have available for running events (Dave Cave-Ayland)

Please check this page from time to time as updates will be added periodically