Organiser's Comments

Thank you to all the competitors who turned out on a very hot day to run in Lloyd Park, I hope you enjoyed your run. Lloyd park is an area where vegetation detail varies greatly from winter to summer & this year the heavy rainfall has enabled the vegetation to grow at an incredible rate, it changed almost weekly with paths becoming overgrown in 3 or 4 weeks & what was fairly open areas in the spring becoming a dense jungle in the summer. Luckily the worst of the mud had dried out by the time of the event so you should not have got too muddy, although it was perhaps a little too hot for comfortable running.

Apologies for the lack of toilet facilities, the toilets should have been open by 10.00 but they were not. This is something over which I have no control, the park was very busy on Sunday & no doubt a lot of people apart from orienteers will have been caught out. Perhaps this is due to staff shortages resulting from expenditure cuts.

For those who know him Chris Baker tripped & fell during his run & cut his head. He is now recovering at home & is inevitably a little sore, a hospital check up revealed no serious injury. Many thanks to Debra Bourne who abandoned her run to help Chris, & to Andrew Evans & the para medics who administered first aid.

Andy Elliott organiser & planner

Message from Chris Baker

Chris would like to express his gratitude to Janet Biggs and others who stopped to help him after his fall.