Calendar 2017


Date Event Type Venue Organiser Planner Controller
Thu 12th Jan Local - KNC Gravesend West (Street-O) Dave Cave-Ayland Dave Cave-Ayland Neil Speers*
Sun 15th Jan Regional - Level B Westerham Sheralee Bailey David Dawson Susan Crickmore
Wed 18th Jan Klubb - Open Meeting Geoff's      
Sat 4th Feb Klubb - Training Day Hosey Common Allison Page    
Thu 9th Feb Local - KNC Westerham Andrew Pitcher Andrew Pitcher Neil Speers*
Sat 25th Feb Local - KOL Ranscombe Philip Craven Philip Craven David Dawson*
Sun 5th Mar Local - Level C Brasted Chart Keith Parkes Geoff Goodwin Mike Solomon
Sat 11th Mar Local - North West Kent Danson Park Antoine Pesenti Antoine Pesenti Chris Baker*
Thu 16th Mar Local - KNC Whitehorse Wood Neil Speers Neil Speers Andrew Evans*
Sat 1st Apr Local - North West Kent Shorne Woods Allison Page Allison Page Chris Baker*
Wed 5th Apr Klubb - Open Meeting Allison's      
Sat 8th Apr Local - KOL Whitehorse Wood Mark Collins Mark Collins David Dawson*
Sun 23rd Apr Klubb - London Marathon Woolwich      
Sat 13th May Local - North West Kent Jeskyns Community Woodlands Neil Gemmell Neil Gemmell Chris Baker*
Tue 23rd May Local - Park Race Danson Park Andrew Evans Andrew Evans David Dawson*
Wed 24th May World Orienteering Day comes to Hackney Clissold Park, Stoke Newington David LeFevre David LeFevre Andrew Evans*
Sat 3rd Jun Local - North West Kent Foots Cray Meadows Keith Parkes Keith Parkes Chris Baker*
Sat 10th Jun Local - KOL Lesnes Abbey Woods Geoff Goodwin Geoff Goodwin David Dawson*
Sat 24th Jun Kent Junior Orienteering Festival Lullingstone Country Park Andrew Evans Andrew Evans Chris Baker*
Sat 1st Jul Local - North West Kent Shooters Hill Woodlands Geoff Goodwin Geoff Goodwin Chris Baker*
Wed 12th Jul Klubb - Open Meeting Neil's      
Tue 18th Jul Local - Park Race Lloyd Park Andrew Evans Angus Harrington David Dawson*
Sat 22nd Jul Mountain Bike-O Event West Kent Downs and Ranscombe Andrew Evans Andrew Evans Neil Speers*
Sat 23rd Sep Local - KOL Hucking Neil Speers Neil Speers David Dawson*
Sun 24th Sep Klubb - Championships Weald Park HAVOC Event    
Thu 5th Oct Local - KNC Hucking Neil Speers Neil Speers Andrew Evans*
Wed 11th Oct Klubb - AGM tba      
Wed 18th Oct Klubb - Open Meeting Allison's      
Sat 11th Nov Local - KOL Shorne Country Park      
Thu 16th Nov Local - KNC Shorne Country Park Neil Speers  Neil Speers  Andrew Evans*
Sun 3rd Dec Regional - SE Score Championships Joydens Wood Keith Parkes Geoff Goodwin Mike Solomon
Thu 7th Dec Local - KNC Foots Cray Meadows Mark Collins Mark Collins Neil Speers*

* primarily for risk assessment purposes