Calendar 2020


Date Event Type Venue Organiser Planner Controller
Sat 11th Jan Local - KOL Joydens Wood Antoine Pesenti Antoine Pesenti David Dawson*
Thu 16th Jan Local - KNC Jeskyns and Ashenbank Andrew Pitcher Andrew Pitcher Neil Speers*
Sun 19th Jan
National and SE League Cobham/West Kent Downs Andrew Evans Neill Wates Paul Beckett
Thu 6th Feb Local - KNC Grove Park (Street-O) David Float (HAVOC) David Float Neil Speers*
Sat 29th Feb Klubb - Training Day Hosey Common Allison Page/Antoine Pesenti Allison Page/Antoine Pesenti  
Sat 7th Mar Local - KOL Whitehorse Wood Mark and Julie Collins Mark and Julie Collins David Dawson*
Sat 14th Mar Local - NWK Darenth Country Park Allison Page Allison Page Andrew Evans*
Thu 19th Mar Local - KNC Whitehorse Wood Neil Speers Neil Speers Andrew Evans*
Sat 4th Apr
Local - NWK Shorne Country Park      
Sat 2nd May Local - KOL Shooters Hill      
Sat 16th May
Local - NWK Beacon Wood      
Tue 19th May
Bexley Primary Schools Competition Danson Park Andrew Evans Allison Page Neil Speers
Tue 2nd Jun
Local - Park Race Crystal Palace Park      
Sat 13th Jun Local - NWK Danson Park      
Sat 4th Jul
Local - NWK Jeskyns Community Woodland Andrew Pitcher Madeleine Pitcher Andrew Evans*
Tue 7th Jul
Local - Park Race Greenwich Park Antoine Pesenti Antoine Pesenti Andrew Evans*

* primarily for risk assessment purposes