AGM on Wednesday, 30th September

Our AGM will be held at The Papermakers Arms, Hawley Road, Hawley DA2 7RB. The venue is easily accessible from both the A282 Dartford Crossing road and from the A20.

We will have exclusive use of the restaurant, a closed off area which can accommodate up to 30 diners comfortably.

It is suggested that we aim to arrive from 6:45 onwards and be ready to sit down promptly for dinner at 7:30. The AGM will commence later in the evening.

We will need to pre-order food and the menu choices will be available in early September as the menu is fully refreshed quarterly. Menu options here.

Agenda here.

Bearsted and Grove Green Comments

KNC4 at Bearsted and Grove Green produced another good turnout with 38 people attending. The points allocation certainly had the effect of squeezing the middle of the pack and making any time lost more important. Nobody visited controls 63 and 64. Only one person visited 62. Four people visited 71 and six 73. The low pointers in the NW (60) and SW (61) corners only had 11 and 10 visitors respectively. Thanks everybody for attending.

Neil Speers (DFOK)

New Incentive Scheme

BOF have just announced a new incentive scheme where any member completing 3 courses of the same technical difficullty will be awarded a Navigation Challenge certificate. There are also a series of Racing Challenge certificates for members who complete three courses of the same technical difficulty within a specified rate of mins/km.

See BOF website for full details.


Thanks very much for coming to this year’s event at Beckenham Place Park; I hope you enjoyed the run. This was only the second event we have held at this venue after Geoff Goodwin mapped it last year and it was gratifying that the turnout was very good – equaling the most we have had at any of the NWK events.

Sorry if the score course was a little tough – I planned the courses with the help of my sons, Bertie and Angus, and we got a bit carried away looking for control sites and could probably have done with a couple less! Nevertheless Jevgenijs Petrovs of SLOW made a valiant attempt getting all controls albeit just over 3 minutes over time. He was almost matched by Mark Ford (+ dog) who also managed to get all 27 but needed another minute or so.

Well done also to young Matteo Rebora of SLOW who won the yellow. Last year his Dad was winner of the score so it was nice they kept the family winning streak going.

Lots of thank yous to mention: Particular thanks to Andrew Evans who made a number of trips to the park this summer to improve the accuracy of the map and also for his guidance around planning. It was his brainwave to walk everyone to a starting point in the woods and that seemed to work a lot better than the approach we took last year. Thanks also to Neil for his map work.  Thanks for help on the day to Bertie (set-up), Isobel (registration & general support) and Sean and Phil (collecting controls). Phil has done a nice job of analyzing the results so you can compare route choices at your leisure!

See you at a future event…


Rod Harrington

Planner & Organiser

Organiser's Comments

KNC25 at Brasted produced another good turnout with 42 people braving the cold evening. Please remember to email your request for a map before the event to avoid disappointment.

At the start there were six different first controls with three quarters of the competitors choosing control 67 as their first control.

In processing the results it became apparent that one competitor mis-interpreted the event rules and collected the controls in any order. Having discussed the issue with the league co-ordinator, and in the spirit of the competition, it has been decided that they will be credited with the score for collecting one series and any subsequent controls from the second series. This effectively means that a number of the second series controls collected out of order are considered as mis-punches.

Thanks to the control collectors for helping after their runs. See you all at Millbank next Tuesday.

Andrew Pitcher DFOK